J2332 – Carousel Floating Tealight Candle Holder- Mandala Deer

Carousel Floating Tealight Candle Holder – Mandala Deer
Diameter: 6” x Height: 10”
M/O: 2 units; Case: 12 units

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Item#: J2332
Carousel Floating Tealight Candle Holder – Mandala Deer
Feature: Diameter 6” x Height 10”
Packaging: Colour Box with PVC See Through Window
Minimum Order: 2 units
Case: 12 units (But, you don’t have to purchase a whole case)

Product Description:

  • Unique Design – It moves just by Heat!
  • Stylish, Modern, Functional, and Affordable.
  • This item can be used as a Table Lamp / Freshener / Warmer
  • This is not a humidifier.
  • This product does not come with tealight candles.

Operating Instruction:

  • Please fill up the water in the glass vase until 60% full à must be over 50% or half of the glass vase to avoid the fire from the tea light candle burning direct on to the glass surface.
  • The glass container sitting on top of the glass vase is for scented oil or scented wax. This function is optional
  • Please place and light up the tea light candles inside the glass vase. Depending on the size of your tea light candle, it can fit more than one floating candle.
  • The cap may get hot! Do not leave it unattended as is has a consistent flame. 
  • Place on a flat surface and make sure to remove any liquid contents from the oil/wax holder before moving the lamp. If not, this may cause injury from the hot oil or wax dripping down from inside the glass container.
  • Please ensure the fan blades are flipped upward at a 45 degree angle in order to maximize the spinning action.  
  • The higher the degree, > 45 degree, the less the resistance/spinning. You can adjust the airflow that passes through the fan blade. Flatten the blade, with more resistant, will make it move faster.

To Learn More:

    • Learn more about this stylish modern and functional aluminum touch sensitive lamp please visit


Important Safety Instructions about our Touch Senstive Lamps
Warning – To reduce the risk of Fire, or Injury:

  1. Indoor use only.
  2. Not suitable for children.
  3. Risk of fire / Injury to persons. Keep away from combustibles or materials that may burn.
  4. It is not a toy or permanent home lighting furniture.
    • To learn more about our popular carousel moving lamps, please click this link:




1 year from the date of purchase with proof of receipt.

Additional information

Weight 1.20 lbs
Dimensions 6 × 6 × 10 in

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