Our Policies

  • Payment Policy

    Payment Policies

    Please read and follow these instructions carefully.

    • We allow our valued customers to make their payment by credit card without any surcharges when placing their order with Ace Annison Ltd.
    • This credit card payment option cannot be combined with any other payment option. If you choose and qualify for a net 30 days credit term with us, we can only accept cheque or cash payment after the term has expired. The credit card payment option cannot be combined with the net 30 days term agreement. After agreeing to our set terms, a 3% surcharge will apply if you later on insist to make a payment by the credit card provided it has to be authorized by the management.
    • Do you know? Under your VISA/Master Card Merchant Agreement: Section 2.2: Your company will NOT b) impose any fees, other charges or other conditions for the use of a Card as a means of payment, generally known as surcharging, without Merchant Service’s prior written approval, c) require a minimum amount of goods be purchased or services be performed before accepting a Card, or d) accept a Card to collect or refinance an existing debt. Section 2.2 d) is the reason why we can’t accept the credit card payment again after 30 days. Your other suppliers may choose to do so and violate the rules and regulation but it doesn’t mean our company have to take such a risk for our day to day operations. We don’t want to lose our merchant payment options from the bank and you know the reason now.
    • A late payment fee of 2% will be in effect after expiration of payment due dates. The date is determined by the Canada Post date stamp at time of mailing your cheques to Ace Annison Ltd. Please refer to your invoice’s terms and conditions.
    • Any Non-Sufficient Fund (NSF) cheques will incur a $25.00 administration fee and customer will be responsible for any cost associate from banking service charge (they normally charge $42.50/NSF).
  • Auto-fill Policy

    Auto-Fill Policy (Maximize up to 10-15% Empty Spaces)

    To save you money, here is how:

      • Due to the ever-rising shipping costs, our company has created an “Auto-Fill” policy.
      • Freight is calculated based on A) the weight and B) the dimension of each box. With that said, when a customer’s order is made, we cannot predict the amount of empty space left in the box until it is packed by the warehouse staff. Unlike other suppliers, our company discovered a new economical way to help our customers save money. Instead of inserting more packing materials such as air pillows and papers, we add additional products that our customer has already ordered, and fit them into the empty spaces. We do not just put in any discretionary new items. If we don’t put in more products, you would be paying the shipping cost for those empty spaces.
      • Advantages: Lowers your shipping cost per item (the shipping cost is the same, but you will have more products to sell in your store). Therefore, the shipping cost for each item has gone down.
      • What If: If you don’t like this practice, “Auto-Fill: Maximize up to 10-15% Empty Spaces”? Don’t worry. We will refund you all the items that we have inserted for you during this shipment. These items become FREE for your own disposal. Who doesn’t like FREE lunch, right?! However, this FREE Lunch only happens once. We will diarize in our system that you do not like the AutoFill policy and we will only insert air pillows and other protection materials for you upon your next order.
      • As a new customer, we respect your choice to either 1) accept the auto-fill policy or 2) decline it in the future. FYI – It costs us more in labour to grab one or two more items for our customers in the warehouse. However, to grow our future together, we love saving you more money.
      • Fact: Up to date, October, 2023, we have 98.5% of our existing customers who choose to accept our Autofill policy; instead of leave the empty space not occupied.
  • Minimum Order Policy

    Minimum Order Policy

    We are strictly a B2B wholesale company based on volume.

    • Since we deal exclusively to business retailers only, B2B, we expect a minimum order of $300 for any brand new account, and $200 for any subsequent purchases/repeat orders. If you can’t meet our minimum order amount or quantity, we cannot take you in as our customers. However, you can always visit our existing customers to make your purchase even if they don’t carry the items in their store. All you have to do is place your order with them and they can in return place their order with us.
    • Minimum Order Amount: $200 for existing; $300 for new. If you ordered less than this amount, it is so hard to find a proper carton to fit your products inside. When there are so many empty spaces, we might end up with all broken items. The box we purchased is a double-wall super strong carton. It can prevent big impact and moisture during shipping. If we use any other irregular carton it might not able to protect our products properly during shipping.
    • Minimum Order Quantity: M/O = The rule of thumb, every item you ordered with the minimum is around $20. Hence, for an order of $200 with just the minimum order quantity, you only have to choose around 10 items to meet the basic requirement for any repeat order.
  • Net 30 Days Term Policy

    Net 30 Days Term Policy

    For most of our customers (95%+), the payment term is either credit cards or C.O.D. (Collect On Delivery). However, in some special situations, some of our customer would like to apply for a credit term. A credit term means it is a loan. To qualify for a loan/term, we have to know your business. Since we are lending you the money to finance your purchases, we need to make sure you have built up a good history with our company before we can consider lending you any money. If you were late for 25% of your past payments, your privilege will be ceased. Here’s the qualification.

    Scenario #1: Experienced 6 months of business dealing together with,

    • A) Minimum of 4 financial transactions, and
    • B) With at least a total of $2,000 in purchases.
    • C) Satisfactory account activity.

    Senario #2: Experienced 1 year of business dealing together with,

    • A) Minimum of 6 financial transactions,
    • B) With at least a total of $3,000 in purchases.
    • C) Satisfactory account activity.

    The 30 days post dated cheque will be mailed out immediately upon receiving of the shipment.

  • Credit Note and Return Policy

    Credit Note and Return Policy

    Getting Started:

    • Please double check all the incoming items by its quantity and quality.
    • Mark any broken items on the invoice. All claims, if applicable, can only be made once, collectively, on each invoice. It has to be made within 10 days.
    • You will be required to take a picture of all the damaged items if asked by our staff.
    • Please place all the damaged items in a box.
    • E-mail your claim report to [email protected] or fax to us with detailed problem description. We will contact you for pickup of the damaged items by phone upon receiving your E-mail or fax. It will take approximately 3-7 business days to process your request as we need to pull out the packing list record & check our warehouse camera to ensure fairness.
    • All claims can only be issued as a credit note to your account toward your next purchase. Unless it is a short shipment, we will refund to your card immediatly. However, if it is a damage scenerio, when we honour your claim, we are the one who actually lossing money in this case because we did send you the products. We can only refund to your credit card if the purchase was made by credit card payment option & providing this is your last business dealing with us.
    • All credit notes will be expired after one year from the date of issuance.