How to Place an Order

Dear Customer:

Our company is a wholesale business and we deal exclusively with the retailer/business owner only.  We can only conduct our business in a B2B (Business-To-Business) transaction only.  In other words, we do not deal with the public customer directly.  Please find our products at the retail level.  But thank you for liking our products and services.

Please ensure you have a registered legal business entity.  Please Click Here to download our Account Application (PDF) form.  You can also download our fillable application form in Excel Format here.  After you fill it out, please fax it back to us @ 905-305-9160 in order for our customer service department to process your order immediately.  Our average fulfilling time is 48 hours.  However, during the trade show, it might take up to 2 weeks to process your order.  Thank you for your patience.

One good practice that we found from our experienced retailers is that they normally place their order one month before the trade show starts for some of their popular items that they know they will need to repeat anyway.  By doing so, they can avoid the shipment delay and make sure its not going to be out of stock before their turns.  Then, during the trade show, they will place a new order for those new products and anything they have missed.

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